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Compliance with government regulatory and other such agencies is absolutely imperative and also tends to become a significant business challenge. New laws and regulations are regularly introduced and can become difficult to keep abreast with when you have several other things to do. Organizations need to ensure effective compliance with increasingly varied and complex requirements and amongst the greatest challenges are dealing with regulatory changes.
At NPV & Associates we employ only the most experienced advisers who actively engage with a wide range of market participants and support clients to deliver pragmatic solutions to complex regulatory issues.
We assist clients to:
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their existing compliance policies and procedures
  • Identify, verify, and even prevent breaches of regulatory requirements
  • Provide advice on design of the compliance function and, when appropriate, assist with the design and implementation of specific reporting systems, process requirements, and compliance programs, including training approaches
  • Keep track of regulatory developments and avoid last minute rush to compliance

Tax Compliance Services [Direct and Indirect Taxes]

  • Registration
  • Filing of Returns
  • Advisory on Transaction wise Tax Implications
  • Tax Planning
  • Departmental Representations
  • Litigation Services

Corporate Law Compliance

  • Corporate Law Advisory Services
  • Company Incorporation Services
  • Secretarial Services for Company Law Matters
  • Representations to Company Law Board

Labour Law Compliance

  • Registration
  • Advisory Services
  • Audit Services
  • Compliance Services
  • Departmental Representations
  • Attending Inspection and Departmental Proceedings

Assessment Proceedings and Litigation Services

  • Attending hearings and representation before tax authorities
  • Attending departmental proceedings and drafting of representations
  • Representation in litigations before tribunal

In Charge Of Complaince Services

Our commitment to getting our services right, in the right time frame, all the time is highlighted when we place senior partners in charge of each service. In charge of Compliance services are: